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About Us

Shandong Aukuo Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive chemicals supplier,  which mainly focus on supplying different chemicals for the industry of Water Treatment, Oil&Gas, R&D, Mining, Power, Foundry, Paper Making, Coating&Painting etc. Detail products we can provide including: Antiscalant, Cleaner, Biocide, Flocculant, Coagulant, Scale inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, Reducing Agent, Dispersant, Defoamer, Prefilming Agent, Oxygen Scavenger, Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor, H2S scavenger, HRA, Slime Remover, Dust Conrtrol Agent, PAM, PAC, SDIC, TCCA, Fixing Agent, Retention Aid, Softener, Fungicide, Vandium Inhibitor, Fuel Additive for Gas Turbine,Activator, Surfactant, Polymer, Resin, AR Reagent, General Chemical and Raw Material Chemicals, Chemicals Parts and Accessories, Chemicals Machine, Lab Equipment etc.With our professional international business experience, great team work, fast response and excellent service, our products have been sold and distributed in more than 50 countries and regions during past years and also we won the good repuation from the domestic and oversea customers.

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